Legacy Lifestyles offers a range of senior living options including Independent and Assisted Living communities and memory care.

We offer our residents a safe and fulfilling lifestyle within a seniors housing community that they are proud to call home. Our team works hard to make sure the needs of our residents are not only met, but that we exceed all expectation. Our caregivers are passionate, caring individuals who are trained to provide the best service available, all with a healthy dose of patience, finesse and humor. So once you move in, you can bet that life will be easier, relaxed and carefree.

Independent Living (Light Assisted)

Feels like home, only better.

You’re active, healthy, and adventurous. You’ve learned to appreciate the finer things in life; good food, good company, comfort and choice. You’re looking to maintain a sense of independence while creating a more fulfilling life.

Independent Living provides a better beginning that replaces much of the day-to-day stress of home ownership and maintenance. This means you’ll have more time to do the things you love with the opportunity for a more relaxed, comfortable and healthy lifestyle in a safe and secure community. Residents are able to live just as they would at home, only better. Our Independent Living units allow residents to live, travel, and sleep better knowing that their living space and

wellbeing will continuously be taken care of. Living independently at Legacy is a lifestyle that encourages seniors to remain active and energetic by remaining self-sufficient and in-charge — we just eliminate day-to-day household stresses. For added peace of mind, if you need assistance later in life — we’re able to provide future care needs, whatever they may be.

If you’re ready for a carefree, vibrant, and secure lifestyle then we welcome you to experience the invigorating Legacy Lifestyles community.

Assisted Living

When you just need a little extra support

We ensure that you or your loved one retains dignity and independence, only offering help where you need it.

Our Assisted Living communities are ideal for seniors who may have some limitations in cognitive and physical health. However, residents are encouraged to live as independently as they like. We’ll only extend support when and where you need it whether that be personal care, mobility assistance, medication management, coordination with care providers or just about anything else. The Legacy team is enthusiastic about learning all of your preferences, ensuring that you receive the support you deserve. We are dedicated to making sure that not only are you receiving the best care but that you’re making friends, taking part, and being all that you can be. We also understand that the needs of our residents change over time and we’re ready to be a major support system during future transitions.

Memory Care

Designed to provide comfort, security and life enrichment in an environment that feels like home.

Realizing that a loved one’s memory isn’t quite what it used to be can be a challenging situation and may at times feel incredibly overwhelming, but our experienced and highly professional team is always here for you and your loved one.

Our memory care communities offer so much more than professional, caring and approachable services, we value the uniqueness of each individual. We are dedicated to offering essential stimulation and activity, support and wellness management to ensure the most comfortable and beneficial environment for those with memory concerns. The Legacy Lifestyles approach includes cognitive health and lifestyle assessments, transitional support for those settling into a new environment, family consultations, and customized stimulation therapy which

supports cognitive abilities, prevents premature decline and promotes well-being. To allow for a peaceful transition, let your loved one know that you love them and that it will be okay. Our goal is to ensure that they are able to settle in as smoothly as possible while offering ongoing and appropriate support. We believe that those experiencing memory loss are important and worthy of the best care — we aim to see their character, hear their stories and respect their uniqueness.