Our Values

We are visionaries and developers, caregivers and financiers; we are three multi-generational families who share a passion for senior housing.

Exceptional Opportunities

From design to development, branding to building, opening to operating, we make communities people are inspired by — we make lives better. Our collective experience of tradition and innovation allows us to develop communities that offer exceptional support and opportunities to flourish. We're redefining senior housing by offering state-of-the-art services in a space that ignites spirit and vitality.

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People First

What is most important to us involves the people we’re surrounded by. The Legacy Lifestyles mission is to motivate one another to deliver unmatched levels of resident and employee experience while building and managing quality, long-term developments. We believe that great work begins with a solid foundation which is why our employees are the happiest, most dedicated individuals out there.



Our goal is to change the industry — we’re making it fun, fresh and enticing. We do this through empowering our whole team, creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional and by providing the tools that encourage our residents to be all that they can. We are driven by making a difference and won’t stop until we’ve exceeded all expectations in every facet of our industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make people's lives exceptional. We aim to create communities where your whole life matters — where your past is treasured and your future is valued.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make people's lives exceptional. We aim to create communities where your whole life matters — where your past is treasured and your future is valued.

A Welcome from Dave Edwards

Thank you for visiting with us and for this chance to personally welcome you.

"Legacy Lifestyles” really is about living life the way you want to live it. All of us begin life with unlimited possibilities and we make of our lives what we will.

But here is a truth that is so important to all of us at Legacy Lifestyles and I’m sure to you too: our possibilities may change but they should never be taken from us just because we turn a certain age or because we could use a little help from time to time.

At Legacy Lifestyles we are driven by one goal…to help you live a life filled with the possibilities you desire and are able to fulfill. If you’ve been a life-long gardener why should that possibility disappear? If you’ve tinkered with things your whole life and proudly had the world's most cluttered garage, why should your hands sit idle? If the joy of your life was golf or teaching the lessons of history or dance or fine art and you miss it terribly, what makes you think you can’t have that opportunity still? For us it’s about one thing…you tell us what possibility would energize you, and we’ll do all we can to make that a reality for you.

It doesn’t stop there. Not a moment goes by that someone on our remarkable staff isn’t thinking of how to make our residential suites and dining rooms even more functional, beautiful and comfortable, or how to spoil you with the quality and variety of food and beverages. Of course you should have your own washer and dryer. And even in ensuring healthy lighting and air quality in our rooms and common areas there are new advances that we eagerly take advantage of.

We live for the biggest compliment you could ever give to us…that you wish you’d moved here earlier!

Finally, please permit me a comment on our staff, every single one of them. My pride in them isn’t just because of what they do, it’s why they do it! Whether it’s cutting grass, making a dozen pies or checking on someone's sore ankle, it comes down to whether it’s a joy or a job. It won’t take you long to realize just how special the people who serve you are.

We’d be thrilled and honored to hear that you’re planning to live here with us.

Best regards,

- David B. Edwards,